An Exciting Ki Khanga Update!

The Kickstarter video is complete! We are in the process of sprucing up the Kickstarter page. Once we have a date we’ll create an event page for the launch.

As an added bonus, meeting our Ki Khanga Sword and Soul Role Playing Game goal unlocks Ki Khanga: The Fighting Pits, the TRADING CARD GAME version of the tabletop role playing game.

I am so looking forward to seeing scores of people play both games at Blacktasticon (SOBSFCon 2017)!

We can’t do this without you, so please, help spread the word.

The RPG world is about to get the African-centered world it has been waiting for. Let’s make it phenomenal!

Ki KhangaKi KhangaKi Khanga 

Guest Blog: “Dieselfunk!: The History behind the Funk by Milton Davis

Yesterday heralded the release of Dieselfunk!, the follow up anthology to the groundbreaking Steamfunk! anthology. The idea for Dieselfunk! came almost simultaneously with Steamfunk. Balogun and I had discussed the anthology at length; as a matter of fact he coined the term around the same time as we adopted the term Steamfunk to describe Steampunk rooted in the African/African Diaspora experience. Many of you are familiar with the afterDIESELFUNK - COVER 1 (1)math of the release of Steamfunk!; it’s was my top selling anthology until the release of Dark Universe and has been taught in a number of colleges and universities including Georgia Tech.

Although Steampunk is relatively well known among speculative fiction enthusiasts, Dieselpunk is a bit more obscure. So what exactly is Dieselpunk, and why does it deserved to be funkdafied?  Let’s start with the definition. Wikipedia defines Dieselpunk as a genre similar to that of its more well-known cousin “steampunk” that combines the aesthetics of the diesel-based technology of the interwar period (World War I and World War II) through to the 1950s with retro-futuristic technology and postmodern sensibilities.

Balogun Ojetade defines Dieselfunk as ‘a type of fiction, film and fashion that combines the style and mood of the period between World War I and the early 1950s with Afrofuturistic inspiration. Dieselfunk tells the exciting untold stories of people of African descent during the Jazz Age. Think the Harlem Renaissance meets Science Fiction…think Chalky White (from “Boardwalk Empire”) doing battle with robots run amok in his territory…THAT is Dieselfunk!’

It makes sense that Dieselpunk would be of interest to people of African Descent, particularly African Americans. This was a volatile time in America. The country was 50 years away

The 369th Harlem Hellfighters

from the Civil War and Jim Crow ruled the South. The Negro of the early 20th century was significantly different from the 19th century; black people were educated, restless and becoming more and more vocal against the inequality of America. Many sought to prove themselves by joining the armed forces to fight against the Germany and its allies. What they found when they reached Europe was an attitude that while not perfect, was significantly better than the racism in America. Black soldiers and pilots distinguished themselves in battle; Eugene Bullard became the first Black American fighter pilot, while the 369th ‘Harlem Hellfighters’ earned a ferocious reputation among allies and enemies alike while at the same time enduring the insults and discrimination of their countrymen.

When these soldiers returned home they found an America even more hostile to them than when they left despite their service. The Ku Klux Klan experienced a resurgence due to the fear of thousands of black men returning from war and the shameless propaganda of the movie ‘Birth of A Nation. Still, black people continued to strive and achieve, building communities such as Harlem, New York and Greenwood, Tulsa, also known as Black Wall Street. When World War II arrived Black men and woman once again answered the call. The push for equal rights at home and overseas resulted in the integration of the arm forces and changes which eventually led to the Civil Rights movement in the ’50s and ’60s.

So as you can see, the time in which Dieselpunk rests its hat is fertile ground for a unique perspective. In other words, Dieselpunk was begging to be funkdafied. While both Steampunk and Dieselpunk stories can be written without mention of the racial dynamics of the time, it is telling that most of the writers of Dieselfunk! chose to incorporate the history within their stories, resulting in stories that in my opinion raises the Dieselfunk! anthology to a level beyond it’s sister anthology.

Balogun Ojetade’s story, ‘SOAR: Wild Blue Yonder‘, sets the pace with an action-packed adventure which includes the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the first all-black paratrooper unit and the Tuskegee Airmen joining forces to carry out a secret mission.

Day Al-Mohamed’s ‘Powerplay‘ centers around the real life story of mob-buster Eunice Carter with a special twist that qualifies her story for pages of the anthology.

S.A. Cosby’s ‘The Girl With The Iron Heart‘ takes us on an inter-dimensional journey where the main character finds himself invisible to the system, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Then there’s ‘Into the Breach‘ by Malon Edwards, an imaginative patios ladened story that takes place in a Chicago like you never


Eunice Carter, Mob Buster

Angel’s Flight by Joe Hilliard tells the story of a boy pursuing his dream and the legacy that fuels his life.

Ronald T. Jones ‘Unusual Threats and Circumstances‘ takes us back to Chicago, specifically to the city section known as Bronzeville, where Jericho Aldrige’s terror filled night becomes the beginning of an amazing adventure.

Carole McDonnell gives us rocket men and the personal trials of the Jim Crow South in her story ‘Bonregard and the Three Ninnies;’ and in my story ‘Down South,’ Roscoe Tanner travels back to the South against his better judgement to help a woman retrieve something of great value.

The Dieselfunk! Anthology ends with ‘Big Joe and the Electro-Men‘ by James A. Staten a perfect blend of science fiction, espionage and undercover brothers and sisters.

Though significantly shorter than the Steamfunk! anthology, Dieselfunk! packs a punch. The weight of history and the imaginative storytelling makes it an anthology I’m very proud of. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To get your copy of Dieselfunk!, visit

A Sneak Peek into the Afrofuturistic World of Jagunjagun Lewa!

The work on the Blacktastic new manga, Jagunjagun Lewa, written by Balogun Ojetade, continues. Here is a sneak peek at a page, beautifully illustrated by artist extraordinaire, Chris Miller:

Jagunjagun LewaThat’s all I can share with you right now. There is more to come…MUCH more.

Look for issue # 1 to drop VERY soon!

The Dieselfunk Anthology is Available Now!

Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Zora Neale Thurston, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Triple Nickles, Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance.

These people and things – and much more – are what make Dieselfunk hotter than fish grease on a Friday in July!

Get in on the hotness and take an amazing ride with Day Al-Mohamed, Shawn A. Cosby, Milton Davis, Malon Edwards, Joe Hilliard, Ronald Jones, Carole McDonnell, Balogun Ojetade and James A Staten as they add a funky twist to the Dieselpunk genre.

The Dieselfunk! anthology fills a void common in most speculative fiction genres, providing a much needed voice from and African/African Diaspora perspective. Dieselpunk just got funky!

Available now!

Microphones of Madness Reviews Beneath the Shining Jewel!

Microphones of Madness, the popular free-form talk show that discusses various pop-culture topics such as comics, weird fiction, gaming, films, tabletop role-playing games and more, reviewed my Sword and Soul / Horror novel, Beneath the Shining Jewel!

Check it out; I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did:

Jagunjagun Lewa: Balogun Ojetade and Chris Miller create a Sword and Soul manga sure to blow fans away!!

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”

PAPIOThe Gods of the Martial Arts gain power, prestige and wealth from the number of followers they have. The Asian martial gods are most powerful and prosperous, as the Asian martial arts have long been marketed to the world and are quite popular, even in the retrofuturistic / DRISHYAafrofuturistic setting of Jagunjagun Lewa. The African gods of the martial arts, on the other hand, are so unpopular that they risk falling into eternal sleep. To save themselves, they must build the popularity of the martial arts. To achieve this, they pick an unlikely champion who, with his brother, Papio, a man cursed to live out his life as a mandrill, sets out to build the reputation and popularity of the African martial arts by defeating the best martial artists in the world. The problem is, no one wants to fight him – and NOT because of his extraordinary fighting skills.

SABADJagunjagun Lewa is set in a world of spring and gear technology; a world where the sword and spear are still the kings of weapons. It is a future much like, while also unlike, our past.

Jagunjagun Lewa (“Pretty Warrior”) is a manga that succeeds in mashing up Sword and Soul‬, Rococoa‬ and Cyberfunk, for a wild ride that will have you turning the pages and clamoring for more.

Written and created by Balogun Ojetade ‬and illustrated by Chris “Crazyhouse” Miller, Jagunjagun Lewa launches later this year!


Black Power: The Superhero Anthology TOC

When we put out the call for submissions for Black Power: The Superhero Anthology, we expected a good response. However, we were NOT expecting to receive over 50 submissions.

Correction: over 50 submissions of some of the greatest stories we have ever had the pleasure of reading!

It was difficult to narrow it down, but we have chosen nineteen (19) stories we feel best capture what we are looking for and will excite and inspire readers who have been waiting for an anthology like this – one in which Black Superheroes are at the forefront, aren’t simply the sidekick, cannon fodder, or the “Magical Negro,” whose major purpose is to pick the white hero up (emotionally and often physically) when he is down and encourage said white hero to go on and save the world.

We at Blacktastic Books – the Comic Book, Graphic Novel and Superhero imprint of Roaring Lions Productions – are proud to reveal the TOC for Black Power: The Superhero Anthology!

Are You Experienced? by Liberty Blair Charissage

A Monstrous Journey by Mark P. Steele

Black Licorice by Keith Gaston

Blue Spark vs. the Gentle Giantess by S.J. Fujimoto

Brianna’s Interlude by Jeffrey Bolden

Capes at the End of the World by Rorie Still

Django Unplugged: A T.A.S.K. Story by Hannibal Tabu

Fall of the Caretakers by Ronald Jones

Ghost by Milton Davis

Glascock by Cynthia Ward

Gotta Go by Aurelius Raines II

Heroes Again by Balogun Ojetade

In Need of a Friend by Derrick Ferguson

New Elements by M. Haynes

Nikia the Pandora by Lance Oliver Keeble

Real Monsters by Nora Anthony

Shadowboxer: Neutral Corners by Adeatoyshe J. Heru

Tally Marks by Chris Wilts

The Superhero’s Fatter Cousin by Valerie Puissant

Where Monsters Roam by Dennis R. Upkins


If you missed the largest gathering of fans and creators of Black Speculative Fiction, Film, Cosplay and Comic Books EVER, if you were there and want a memento of this historic, fun and moving event, or if you simply want to catch up on some panels you missed, then get ready…

The State of Black Science Fiction Convention DVD will be made available for purchase next week! A digital download MIGHT become available in the Fall.

This DVD, priced at just $10.00, is loaded with over 4 hours of footage!

Be sure to get YOUR piece of Black History!


SOBSF Con Meets the Press!

This has been a great week for Atlanta’s Black Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror scene and it will get a WHOLE LOT better come Saturday when the State of Black Science Fiction Convention kicks off.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the press SOBSF Con is getting – both real and imagined – you figure out which is which.

First, we have a radio interview from Georgia Public Broadcasting, or GPB, that features author, filmmaker, dancer and futurist, Ytasha L. Womack and SOBSF Con Co-Chairs, author and publisher, Milton Davis and author, filmmaker and publisher, Balogun Ojetade.

Next we have a newspaper article from Atlanta Black News:


Next, Balogun Ojetade was named ATLRetro’s Kool Kat of the Week!

And finally, THIS happened:



Join us THIS WEEKEND, for two days of Black Speculative Fiction, Film, Fashion, Fabrication and FUN!

#SOBSFCon #SOBSFCon2016 #StateofBlackScienceFiction

The Tuskegee Heirs and SOBSF Con present the YOU are the Hero Cosplay Contest!

Tuskegee Heirs

Marcus Williams and Greg Burnham, the geniuses behind the Tuskegee Heirs comic book and animation projects we are ALL looking forward to, came to SOBSF Con Co-Chair, Milton Davis with a proposal:

“How about a Cosplay Contest? We’ll put in half the money for it.”

SOBSF ConAnd thus it happened. So now, along will all the other Blacktastic happenings at the State of Black Science Fiction Convention, we have added the YOU are the Hero Cosplay Contest.

There will be cash prizes and awards, so cosplayers and aspiring cosplayers wear your coolest costumes, sign up at SOBSF Con and strut your stuff!

Here are the rules:

The YOU are the Hero Cosplay Contest has two categories: Adult & Youth.

Adults are contestants who are 16 years old or older. Youth are those contestants who are under 16 years of age.

Contestants will be judged on:

  • Craft – Contestants are judged on both the overall appearance of their cosplay, and the quality of the construction of the costume.
  • Coolness – Contestants are judged on their acting, presentation and presence.
  • Creativity – Contestants are judged on their originality and/or their personal spin on existing characters.

SOBSF ConEach contestant will walk down the center aisle of the theater, up the stairs and then pause at center stage to pose. Contestants will have the walk to the stage, the ascension onto the stage and the pose time to wow the judges and the crowd.

Please remember, this is a family event, so costumes that are too revealing or overly sexually suggestive will not be allowed.

No real weapons are allowed and no pyrotechnics can be used.

THIS is going to be EPIC, inDEED!